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Product Guide: Video Dashboard


The Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard and the Daily Video Perspective report gives you a real-time and historical look at how your video content is performing, how well it's doing at engaging your audience, and how it works together with the written, editorial content your readers know and love.

Main Metrics

On the Site Overview page you get a high-level view of all the videos on your site and relevant performance metrics for your video content as a whole. At the top, you'll see both qualitative and quantitative metrics for the videos currently being watched on your site and across the web.

  • The Watching Now section gives you the number of people actively watching videos right now, how many people have stopped watching, and how many many of them actually completed watching a video.
  • Average engagement is the average percentage of the way through your videos your visitors have watched, and shows how much quality time your visitors are actually spending consuming your content.
  • Average playrate shows you, of all the opportunities your visitors had to watch a video, what percentage of them actually started watching.
  • Starts today measures the total number of times all your videos have been started since midnight. Note that if a video has a pre-roll ad, we won't record the video as ‘started’ until the ad finishes and the actual video content begins.
  • Average Ad drop off tells you what percentage of your visitors stopped watching during an ad and never made to the content you worked so hard to create.

For metrics found outside of the Video Dashboard, check out the full Metrics Glossary!

Beneath the Site Overview section you'll Top Pages Without Video- a list of yout top pages by concurrents that don't have video content so you can easily see if there are any opportunities to tie relevent video contnent into your written editorial pages.

Video Overview and Filters

On the left-hand side of the Video Dashboard, you can get a deeper look into how individual videos are performing. Ranked by the number of people actively watching now, quickly see the average engagement, play rate, number of starts, and engagement score for each of your top videos.

The Engagement Score is a unique metric that incorporates both popularity and average engagement – allowing you to identify and compare your highest performing videos. Based on a scale from 0 to 10, the engagement score can instantly tell you which videos are doing well and which might need some extra attention.

And you can sort the top videos list by each of the five main metrics to gain a better understanding of which videos are truly resonating with your audience.

Select any video from the list and the entire Dashboard pivots to reflect that video's performance as a whole as well as specific metrics for each page it lives on.

Chartcorps Insight: Select more stats and you'll go directly to the Chartbeat Publishing Dashboard for that article page, where you'll get all of the audience and referrer data you've come to expect from Chartbeat Publishing. Where did the audience watching this video come from? Are they spending any time engaging with the written content? Asking these questions is the first step to really making sure that your engaged visitors stay on your site.

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